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Manual Therapy to treat Peripheral Nerve Entrapments: Evaluation and release

The entrapment of peripheral nerves is a silent enemy that can impact your everyday health and wellbeing. In All Backs Physio Hemel, our highly skilled physiotherapists are on hand to offer insight into the realm of manual therapy to aid in the treatment and relief of peripheral nerve impingements. Begin your journey to understand how our customized treatment, available at our renowned Physiotherapy Clinic in Hemel Hempstead, can give you ease and comfort.


Understanding Peripheral Nerve Entrapments: Nerve entrapments in the peripheral nerves occur in the event that nerves are subjected to pressure or pinching. This results in a variety of symptoms, such as discomfort, numbness, or tingling. Most commonly, trouble spots are elbow, neck, shoulder or wrist, hip, knee, and ankle. Here at All Backs Physio Hemel, we appreciate the crucial role of precise diagnosis in determining the most effective treatment plan to treat these ailments. 


Assessment Techniques: The journey to relief begins with an in-depth evaluation of All Backs Physio Hemel. Our highly skilled physiotherapists take time to understand your medical history and then conduct an exhaustive physical examination that focuses on the strength of your muscles as well as joint mobility and the function of your nerves. 

For accuracy, we can utilize modern diagnostic tools, such as nerve conduction tests or ultrasound. The holistic method provides a thorough understanding of the site and the severity of the nerve entrapment. It also allows us to develop a customized treatment program.


Manual Therapy to treat Peripheral Nerve Retrapments: After the evaluation is completed, Our physiotherapists are highly skilled. All Backs Physio Hemel employs manual therapy techniques that effectively relieve the entrapments of peripheral nerves. These techniques aim to ease the pressure placed on the nerves that are affected to restore normal function and relieve discomfort. 


Soft Tissue Mobilisation: Utilizing techniques that involve hands, such as stretching, massage, and myofascial release, our goal is to relax and loosen tension from the soft tissues around the affected nerves. This improves blood flow, decreases inflammation, and starts the process of healing. 


Joint Mobilisation: A focused approach to joint mobilization is a key element in our method. Utilizing gentle, targeted moves, our physiotherapists seek to increase the range of motion in adjacent joints, which in turn reduces the pressure on nerves and eases discomfort. 


Nerve Gliding Exercises: Customized exercises are essential in facilitating the smooth movement of nerves inside their tissues. The staff at All Backs Physio Hemel guides you through these movements and gradually improves nerve mobility, as well as alleviating signs. 


Correction of Postural Position: The treatment of the underlying issues with posture is essential for maintaining relief. All Backs Physio Hemel provides specific guidance regarding ergonomic changes and corrections for postural issues to lessen tension on the nerves and prevent repeat traps.


Patient-Centred Approach: In All Backs Physio Hemel, a patient-centred approach is our core belief. Our physiotherapists are available to help you understand your health condition, include you in the decision-making process, and provide ongoing support during your journey to recovery. 


Contact All Backs Physio Hemel: If you’re experiencing the symptoms of peripheral nerve entrapments or needing professional help, do not hesitate to call All Backs Physio Hemel at 07958 367424. At our Physiotherapy Clinic in Hemel Hempstead, we are dedicated to assisting you in attaining optimal health and wellness. 

The entrapment of a peripheral nerve need not affect your lifestyle. By focusing on precise assessments and methods of manual therapy and techniques, you can find relief.

All Backs Physio Hemel blends the expertise of a specialist, personalized treatment, and dedication to the wellbeing of its patients to treat peripheral nerve entrapments. Start your journey towards living pain-free by calling us right now. The journey towards comfort and freedom starts at All Backs Physio Hemel, your trusted physiotherapy clinic in Hemel Hempstead.